Throughout the centuries, the healing powers of massage have been sought to promote relaxation and balance. Take the time to heal your body, restore your mind, and refresh your spirit. Whether you are in need of relaxation or require treatment for a specific problem, let us know so we can customize your massage. Relax and indulge yourself in a massage tailored to meet your needs.

*Prices subject to change without notice*

Simply Soothing (Swedish)                60 minutes-$75       90 minutes-$95

The perfect antidote to soften the stress of your busy lifestyle.   A full body massage, using long, gliding, rhythmic strokes, gentle muscle kneading and pressure provide the ultimate in body relaxation.



Soaring Spirit (Deep-Tissue)               60 minutes-$90      90 minutes-$105 Corrective and therapeutic massage that deeply penetrates muscle tissue to release chronic tension, decompress and lengthen painful muscle groups. Our deep tissue massage is for those who want a deeper pressure massage.  It can be full body or focused on specific areas of the body.                      


Total Essence (Hot Stone)                     75 minutes-$115

Allow the warmth of radiant river rocks to literally melt the stress out of your muscles. An Ancient treatment that the benefits of heated stones with traditional Swedish massage. Aromatherapy oils and stones are used to warm the muscles and joints, which allows for deeper relaxation and well being.


Reflexology                                         30 minutes-$40

A invigorating massage technique focusing on the hands and feet. The idea that all specific points in thecombines  hands and feet relate to all major organs, gland, and body parts, reflexology can reduce stress, induces deep relaxation, improves circulation, helps cleanse the body of toxins and impurities, and balances the whole system.


Chair Massage                                                                                                                                                    15 minutes-$20           30 minutes-$35 

Same day appointments only! A quick, convenient opportunity to help the body relieve built-up stress.  A fully clothed massage of the neck, shoulders, back and arms delivered in a massage chair. 


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